I don’t have to be as conscious about getting up when I have to empty my bladder. Plus 90 turned back the clock at least 20 years. My quality of life has improved dramatically.
— Jan 59 years old
Before Plus 90 it was hard for me to really enjoy being intimate. I simply didn’t feel a lot. After I had Plus 90, I was more sensitive and was fulfilled every single time. Both me and my partner can notice the difference and we are both thrilled.
— Theresa 47 years old

A safe and effective treatment for women’s health and wellness.

Plus 90 is your number one choice for a safe and effective treatment for feminine health.

Do you or someone you know have these common feminine health concerns?

  • Low pelvic floor strength or muscle tone

  • Elasticity

  • Low blood flow

  • Low sensitivity

  • Pain

  • Low Level of sexual interest

If you have any if these feminine wellness issues, know that you are not alone. Millions of women also have these problems stemming from childbirth, menopause or just natural aging, but now there are new choices like Plus 90 by InMode that are effective, easy and painless.



(Votiva, U.S.)